TOPSOLID Services: We follow your idea

TOPSOLID Services is the department in charge of customizing TopSolid applications for customers

Our mission

  • Bring development capacity to salesmen to match more closely the customers' requirements
    Companies are increasingly looking for a solution that is perfectly adapted to their needs. A standard CAD system with some additional specific functions is a real vector for sales.
  • Build development partnerships around our Application Development System: TopSolid'Ads
    Lectra, CETIM, Lméca, VR Technologie contribute to our growth and brand image through their products developed with TopSolid'Ads.

Contact TOPSOLID Services

254 L’Occitane
F-31670 Labège, France
Phone: +33 (0)
Fax: +33 (0)


Some relevant developments

  • Over the past two years, TOPSOLID Services has contributed to the development of two major products, TopSolid'Castor and DesignConcept, and more than 40 specific applications.
  • For the future, a great number of large projects are about to be signed.
  • TOPSOLID Services is an actor in the development of new standard products such as TopSolid’Pdm, tolerance applications,...